Before, the world had hung in a precarious but stable balance. The Christian God and his Devil kept the world in a delicate sway as the lesser gods oversaw their own realms. Then, from beyond the cosmos, came Mu: an entity of pure destruction. Looking upon the Universe, Mu desired nothing less than perfect oblivion, and saw the Earth as a prime starting point. In the late 1930’s Mu, unbeknownst to the gods, corrupted the mind of rising Germanic leader Adolf Hitler, leading to the last great war of mankind. By the time the gods realized what was occurring, the world was already descending into chaos, with Mu growing in power. In a desperate ploy to salvage the world, the gods sacrificed themselves to launch a devastating counter-attack, defeating Mu and scattering their divine essences throughout the Universe.

The year is now 2013. Mankind, being touched by the power of the fallen gods, has evolved into something greater. Humans are smarter, stronger, quicker than they ever have before. Some have even developed fantastic powers to alter the world around them to their wills. The celestial realms of Heaven, Hell, and everywhere in between are slowly rebuilding as gods long buried are vying for control.

Innocence is dead. Welcome to this world of wonder.

World of Wonder

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